My Prayers/ Love for Synagogue victims and Families.

How many must die, in this manner before our senior officials demonstrate that they care and understand, the essence of these horrible violence in our society, their responsibility, as elected officials, must reflect and display the important elements, that would make them worthy public service. It’s a socio-political travesty, to

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Jamal Khashoggi; Another Angel Snuffed Out by evil forces.

When you live in an environment and your well being is dependent on the health and integrity of such environment, then it becomes critical for you to understand, that environment as much as possible. Like any rotting organism, a certain odor of expression that emanates from such organism, tends to

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contempt for principle and morality

Among other things, two of the most precious elements in our world that’s quite elusive, are truth and integrity. When an investigative or policing body is not independent and essentially aloof from politics and the very powerful and the inherent influence and corrupt effects in society, we are deluding ourselves

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