A Matter Of Preposterously Ignorant

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Amazon CEO. Jeff Bezos,for being a billionaire while his company pays it’s warehouse workers “starvation wages”.Amazon says Ocasio-Cortez is “just wrong”.In an interview with ABC. news,”This Week”the New York democrat blasted amazon,claiming low worker pay,contributes to Bezos’ status, as the world’s richest person         

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Mr. Antithetical To Peace

Insidiously,Nothing And Yahoo.This is a classic example of what I’ve been alluding to,for some time now,about;governments and their surrogates,authorities,the wealthy,and the powerful in our world.The fact that they are profoundly dangerous,and critically insidious to the;wholesomeness,well-being,good development of the individual,and society as a whole,including it’s indispensable institutions.         

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