what is freedom really?

The term is not independent,in terms of the need of qualification.Just like when someone asks,”are you successful?”thinking that they’re being complete and proper,in their questioning.Then I would say,”what the hell are you talking about?” When someone asks a question, or makes a statement,it must not create other questions because of

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Civil and Rational Annihilation.

We’re way beyond corruption, at this juncture of our existence.As a human being when you’ve passed the stage of corruption, it means that you can’t return to normality, the damage has become festooned in your DNA. But when there is a display by elected officials in the public square of

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Armed protesters stormed the Michigan state capital building, and established occupancy against the state’s medical austerity measures, put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused about four thousand lives in Michigan state alone. This occurred after the U.S. acting president Trump incited this very illegal act some

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