A Matter Of Preposterously Ignorant

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized Amazon CEO. Jeff Bezos,for being a billionaire while his company pays it’s warehouse workers “starvation wages”.Amazon says Ocasio-Cortez is “just wrong”.In an interview with ABC. news,”This Week”the New York democrat blasted amazon,claiming low worker pay,contributes to Bezos’ status, as the world’s richest person                                                                                               I’ve always liked her, but she’s way out of line here.Amazon is a private company,that’s demonstrating a lot more responsibility than most companies,as well,they are in a profoundly leading position,with regards to wages,and more so,with full benefits,on the very first day for Christ’s sake.I did not expect that level of unfairness,from any other politician but Trump.Such protruding ineptitude,it’s mind-boggling.The wages that Amazon pays,is more than double the American official minimum wage of, ($7.25 per hr.).It’s profoundly shortsighted,ungrateful,and obtusely imprudent,it’s also critically irrational and vitally irrelevant to; attach,associate,connect,affiliate,or to otherwise, petulantly relegate Mr.Bzos’ financial status,to what the warehouse workers are being paid,I’m sure that responsibility lies in hands of a department,that’quite aloof from someone who has displayed a lot more integrity,than her very own president.(HARK.LOVE.RESPECT.)

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