A Philosopher’s Perspective On The Oval Office Zoology And Profanity.

When you have a mental illness, some times it’s difficult to establish precisely what the illness is, but if you hurt yourself, or anyone else or display a propensity for such, then that is brain illness of some kind, without being specific. When black people were slaves, and one slave escapes, usually it’s another slave that informs the master. That is not mental illness, after careful study, my philosophical analysis is that it’s ( psyche damage). This critical revelation is established whenever the human spirit is broken,and as such, this type of injury usually, is generational.An in depth study concludes a very large percentage of black people, are afflicted with at least one of these illnesses. But Kanye West, certainly has hit the jackpot, in his seemly proud accomplishments of both afflictions.He will always be in my prayers.( HARK. LOVE. RESPECT.)

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