To assume something is delinquent, in the absence of the necessity, or neglect accessing the relevant facts, critical to make a sensible analysis of the situation. Otherwise, the function of the ability to assume, is to be applied only when it is sensible, necessary and kept guardedly hypothesized. This type of malfunction, is typically practiced to the point where anyone acting in a wise or sensible fashion, will be demonized and otherwise disrespected, being called “wise guy” “Mr know it all” and any other negative creativity that exist, used to tactically cripple any descent and progress in our world.Such intellectual ineptitude and bullyism, only stands to compound the ills, blossoming from this type of conduct, but it also establishes the characteristics of an imminent ignoramus, in stride towards their optimum element, in which many people, may suffer and or die. When it is allowed to fester, because of a number of things, such as; lack of vision, conviction, integrity,courage, understanding , to name a few, by those who are positioned morally and structurally, with the duty to act, but chose not to, their insidious presence extends beyond the visual scope of the horizon.(HARK. LOVE. RESPECT. GO WELL MY FRIENDS.)

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