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My name is Michael Claude Caesar Sampson, I was born on the second of July nineteen hundred and fifty-two in Georgetown British Guiana. My father was a police officer and my mother was an educated middle-class homemaker. I migrated to Canada at the end of seventy-six and became a Canadian citizen, thirty-eight years ago.

I am an intellectual freak and an altruistic revolutionary philosopher, whose conviction is encased by spirituality,knowledge, principle, wisdom among so many other elements that make up who I am today. Of course, this molecular design has purchased me tremendous pain and suffering, that ultimately became critical in the final sculptured elements of the type of human being that exists today, as long as I’ve managed to maintain life and sanity simultaneously. But, in life when you gain something, you have to give up something. You can call it barter or you can call it purchase, take your pick.

Being blessed quite early with these wonderfully powerful virtues I was not mature enough to understand it fully, so with all the blows and ridicule I received, I became misplaced, isolated, and alone even when I’m in a crowded room. At first, this coincidental social cocoon made me feel depressed, unhappy, and severe loneliness, I tried to make friends anywhere and everywhere I go, to no avail. Each time I found out that my presence was not appreciated, my pride was massacred. So I opted for the aloneness,until I got accustomed to it and began to like it a lot, which evolved into an understanding and an acknowledgement of all the virtues that aloneness can bring, such as becoming a deep thinker, reading and studying in order to advance yourself, spiritual development, intellectual expansion and so on. 

In the interim, a very subtle and profound cultivation of a revolutionary philosophy about how we, as a species, should change our way of thinking and functioning, the way we interact with one another and the environment. 

My structure of approach to individual complete success has four pillars, that must be followed irrespective of culture, religion, language or any other obstacle you can think of. The four pillar to humanity’s wholesomeness is;” Spirituality, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM, AND  PHILOSOPHY”. Failing is not optional and if you do, it is because of destiny. You will achieve peace of mind, prosperity, and success, as long as you’re disciplined enough to follow what is required to get there. 

I came very close to death, at least four times, but the last time was seven years ago, when the doctor gave us the bad news, so my wife and I began making funeral arrangements. The fact that I am still alive is a miracle, and it’s also an epiphany, where I am inspired to do whatever I can, to make this world a better place by changing hearts and developing minds, by sharing my knowledge and establishing my revolutionary philosophy in order to advance the human condition, I am shackled to this profoundly cumbersome task, of spiritual origins.


The purpose of this website,is to altruistically address some of the most critical issues that are plaguing our world today. My philosophy and my approach to issues is as follows; All problems can be solved, but are we prepared to deal with what it takes to properly solve that problem?Also, I believe that it is wrong and destructive to criticize or disapprove of something, unless you can provide a solution that’s better.

As a philosopher, who is highly revolutionary, I’ve come to understand that one of the most critical things that average people ought to know, is that how very important it is , for them to know and understand philosophy, and how much, we ordinary people need to embrace it.

In order to achieve success, intellectual vibrancy, wholesomeness, spiritual well being and peace of mind. I’m convinced that in following me, through this website, you’ll develop all the tools needed to succeed, have peace of mind and be happy simultaneously.(HARK, PEACE & LOVE.)

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