Civil and Rational Annihilation.

We’re way beyond corruption, at this juncture of our existence.As a human being when you’ve passed the stage of corruption, it means that you can’t return to normality, the damage has become festooned in your DNA. But when there is a display by elected officials in the public square of such; moral and legal ineptitude, in a way that’s obtusely grotesque.This also means that you’ve reached the worse stage of what is established to be; (chronically toxic ignorance), and if you have power, with the slightest effort you can cause a massive amount of harm, as far as your power and influence can reach.This narcissistic pathological disorder will cause severe harm to; the culture,the institutions, the systems in place to ensure the security and proper order of that society and it’s constituency, the subsequent affliction can be catastrophic, a bit too much to ignore I suppose. The acting president of America, Mr. Trump is a perfect example of ( chronically toxic ignorance.), but he also has in tow, a profound ( narcissistic disorder.) i’ll bet the farm that Mr. Trump inherently suffers from a toxic level of;(Dunning-Kruger effect:) William Barr, on the other hand exemplifies perfectly ( a pathological servile.) simultaneously, he’s preposterously, inept as it pertains to law, and grotesquely wicked as it pertains to any semblance of the elements of justice, and he has significant power too, at least to cause a good deal of immoral and injustice malignancy, in our world. So what’s to be done to bring this state of insidious existential threat to our world? it appears that while the masses were in an indoctrinated trans, the wicked proprietors, and their servile enablers, have woven a powerfully insulated web of protection that cripples the principles and processes of justice and accountability, of which the scholars have no idea how to commence reconstruction, and proper reckoning of this insidiously untenable situation, as it continues to coronavirus itself upon us all. ( HARK-LOVE-RESPECT.)

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