contempt for principle and morality

Among other things, two of the most precious elements in our world that’s quite elusive, are truth and integrity. When an investigative or policing body is not independent and essentially aloof from politics and the very powerful and the inherent influence and corrupt effects in society, we are deluding ourselves in thinking that it is okay and we’re doing everything possible as a society, to ensure justice, decency and integrity are established, encouraged and maintained. It is essentially, a critical home invasion of the judicial system and the essence of jurisprudence, especially in the face of over six hundred and fifty law professors and an ex-supreme court justice, John Paul Stevens that expressed their profound descent with regards to Cavanaugh’s approval to the most coveted,powerful and prestigious, supreme court justice position, that carries a life long tenure. The republicans are proceeding in a recklessly disrespectful and irresponsibly juggernaut like fashion.The critical points of profound failure to qualify by Mr. Cavanaugh, are as follows: (1) character, overall demeanor and poise. (2) temperament. (3) respectability. (4) undignified conduct. (5) the gross lack of professionalism. (6) a profound philosophical deficit. (7) diminished characteristics of empathy.And finally the critical indictments by three different women in which, by far the most seriously important of them all, and yet just the accusations alone, are totally and profoundly enough, for sound rational disqualification, for such a very important position. Separately, and in a different galaxy, was the indelibly petulant and pathetic op-ed, where Mr. Cavanaugh was essentially begging to be excused from his transgressions, in spite of his indignant attitude throughout the whole examination process. The main problem in a society such as America, and it’s history is the profound fact that all three branches of government, have significant molecular flaws, that must be addressed in a manner so as to redesign and modernize, to reflect it’s cosmopolitan texture.

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