Dangerously Obtuse And Autocratically Petulant

To say that we’re being lead to a very bad place by Trump, is completely ridiculous. We’re a democracy aren’t we? we are  in control of the vehicle, the president is the head of state, the senate and congress are institutions particularly established, to protect, guide, facilitate and be the caretaker of democracy.The profoundly deadly ineptitude that’s coming from the structure in place, to secure,protect, and guide the nation, with the country, and people’s lives at stake, and to be reckless in the administration of such precious duties, is inexcusable.It has evolved to an account of; a crime of omission, and a crime of commission, that has occurred, with no doubt in my mind and the abundance of evidence, everywhere that allows us to move forward appropriately, in an effort to salvage the remnants of what was once a promising prospect of what was thought to be an experiment. In some structures, when you’ve cowardly failed in your duty, in times of crisis, it is dealt with immediately. There are laws for when parents fail to provide the necessities of life, for those in their care, they are prosecuted and put in jail. This is much more critical, on a grand scale, but the same principle. We are in a very bad place, and we will pay dearly for such criminal complacency, and our children and their children, and so on. The essence of our humanity is leaking away, for example; if someone is on death row, and that person becomes gravely ill, that person will be nursed back to health, and then executed, by the state. If a mother, accidentally or negligently, cause the death of her child, the state would about care about her grief and suffering, they would punish her further. If that’s not inhumane, then someone should pray for me, i’m lost. (HARK.LOVE.RESPECT.)

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