Eric Garner/A Victim of an Unjustly Pathologically System

On July 17 2014,Staten Island NY. Mr. Garner was public,and during the day,violated and murdered by several NY. police officers,by way of a chokehold, the last words that he repeated about eleven times are “I can’t breathe”. He was not committing any crime,at the time,just selling cigarettes on the sidewalk,trying to make a living and lost his life ,for his efforts,and yet society was not in uproar.                   Even though the case was in capable hands,William Barr imposingly injected himself into the case,and freed the officers of all legal,social,and moral responsibility.This Fred Flintstone want to be,demonstrated a contemptible ineptitude with regards to;law,the judicial system,in tandem with the importance of the affairs of society,which indicates a profoundly diabolical attempt of some measure of uncletomism,in Trumps world of pathology.So in his racist and obtuse intellect,William Barr decided to let these murderers off from being properly accountable to society.Before the position of attorney general became available,Mr. Barr made a petulantly unprofessional plea,for the job,salaciously indicating that he was quite willing to be Trumps footstool,or lackey.Of course, void of;pride,dignity,and integrity,let alone the fundamentals of the wholesomeness and well-being of humanity.May god bless your soul Eric.(HARK.LOVE.RESPECT.)

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