Armed protesters stormed the Michigan state capital building, and established occupancy against the state’s medical austerity measures, put in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused about four thousand lives in Michigan state alone. This occurred after the U.S. acting president Trump incited this very illegal act some days ago.This is one of the classical displays of white supremacy in it’s essence, and how unstoppable and entrenched this socio-political pathology, incessantly permeates our world. People in authority and people who are qualified to know better, like the reverend Al Sharpton didn’t seemed to know and understand the nature of this civically criminal action, and the proper official reference shall be; “insurrection”. Any other reference would be a gross ineptitude, intellectually and a critical lack of civic and judicial knowledge and understanding of these matters, and the vital fortitude one needs to possess if they’re in a position of authority and leadership, as it were. (HARK./LOVE./RESPECT.)

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