Jamal Khashoggi; Another Angel Snuffed Out by evil forces.

When you live in an environment and your well being is dependent on the health and integrity of such environment, then it becomes critical for you to understand, that environment as much as possible. Like any rotting organism, a certain odor of expression that emanates from such organism, tends to be quite fundamental. You cannot have someone convicted, in a court of law on the basis of toxic greed, blind ambition, power and the element of evil within them, evidence must be established, but the reality is that there are some people who are intelligent enough to know when these symptoms exist and the aura of a deadly and sick crime had taken place.When someone gets unreasonably angry, and begins to threaten in a manner that is indiscriminate and fraught with the elements of terrorism, it’s a huge red flag. But what’s equally as damning, is when another associate attempts to fabricate a reason, or make reference to the value of such association, alarmingly premature, it has to be time for proper investigation, and the courage to establish sound accountability, and verify what type of leader we have in society, and how solid our institutions are respected. Riyadh’s despicable and petulant rant in the face of insurmountable evidence against them, demonstrates the contempt and arrogance that they were allowed to cultivate, because of their oil. It’s seemed to be the commencement of the depletion of organized human life and critical civility in society.(HARK. LOVE. RESPECT.)

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