A man must be the head of every household, simply because he’s naturally suited for that role. But what is a man? in terms of a social being; he is strong physically and mentally, he is gentle and compassionate, respects women and children, and all the natural elements in his environment and the universe, as a whole. When he cannot conduct himself, according to those principles, he should not  be in a leadership position, with regards to a family in particular.                                                                                                                          The values and philosophies that were thought to me as a boy, were insidiously antithetical, to the wholesomeness and the well being, of what it means to be a man, and to society as a whole. By the time I grew up, I discovered that this said poison, was fed to every human on earth, to the critical point where it is profoundly festooned in our DNA. The medication to eradicate this pathological ill, is quite illusive to humanity, up until this point, and even if I should produce it, the elements of cumbersomeness, in the administration of such vital substance, would be worse than a salmon swimming up stream. But with divine inspiration,i’m energized fanatically. But it cannot succeed without the profound will in our humanity, no matter how much the critical need exists. But the efforts by good people, must be endlessly tireless, if we’re to have a chance of diverting from this precious manly function of barbarism, and subsequent extinction of our species.

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