Mr. Antithetical To Peace

Insidiously,Nothing And Yahoo.This is a classic example of what I’ve been alluding to,for some time now,about;governments and their surrogates,authorities,the wealthy,and the powerful in our world.The fact that they are profoundly dangerous,and critically insidious to the;wholesomeness,well-being,good development of the individual,and society as a whole,including it’s indispensable institutions.                                    The wife of the prime minister,Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has just agreed to a lesser conviction,than fraud.This plea bargain is in part,to some measure,reeks of corruption and particularly the special privileges,that the elites have carved out,for themselves,and their friends at the expense of the expendability of the “peasantry”,or the people,because that’s how they think of us,ordinary people.The manifestation of modern feudalism,in motion. On CNN. a reporter was stating that Mr. Netanyahu,is facing a lot more and a lot worse charges,but if he can become prime minister again,in the upcoming elections,he would able to install a law that would exempt himself,from legal responsibilities,from all these charges that he faces.                                                                                                                 Why is it that people don’t seemed to know and understand that,this type of thing has been happening to us,for all of our lives and it will never change,except to become worse.It’s not just in Israel,but all over the western world.It’s not to say however,that societies on the other side of the tracts,are not in a worse state of affairs,but we must not compare ourselves and our situation,to the worse that exists.We must compare ourselves and our situation;the best,a high moral standard and to what we aspire,for it to become.Then establish a proper template,create laws and rules,design institutions,set the standard,incorporate a tone and an aura,where everyone,including,and especially the elites and the powerful,must be accountable,bar none.In part the laws must read;laws of this nature,must not be retroactive,so as to exempt anyone in this regard,nor can someone be pardoned,without going through a special protocol;four years after conviction,a panel of,at least six distinguished and impartial people,will consider his pardon or his expungement,that must last a period of six months.(HARK.LOVE.RESPECT.)

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