My Prayers/ Love for Synagogue victims and Families.

How many must die, in this manner before our senior officials demonstrate that they care and understand, the essence of these horrible violence in our society, their responsibility, as elected officials, must reflect and display the important elements, that would make them worthy public service. It’s a socio-political travesty, to hear such vile language uttered from the highest level of the political elite, without the intellectual fortitude, or the social integrity to own up to it. But what makes it worse, is the fact that they don’t seemed to understand that their reprehensible rhetoric, profoundly contributed to the pathetic state of affairs, that’s becoming prevalent in our precious society today. The GOP. conducted themselves in a manner, worthy of an insipid prostitute in which our youth will be learning from. And that’s so sad, especially considering the following ; the president said that if there were arm guards at the synagogue, it would have turned out differently. This clearly is indicative of a lack of critical cognizant infrastructure that’s required at a minimum, to lead a nation such as America in all her element of power and stature, it’s disappointing to say the least, particularly in this era of terrorism, volatility,vulnerability and turmoil. ( HARK. LOVE. RESPECT.)

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