Wisdom is more important to me than oxygen, I have come to realize. When one acquires this level as a human being, it becomes quite easy to know what’s in someone’s thoughts, and what’s in their heart.When you relegate something very important,to a foot note, in order to placate and or to diminish its value or significance,it is not difficult to understand the reasoning behind it all. Black history, is human, and world history, unequivocally. The years of profound study and exhausting research by the distinguishable Mendel and Mary Leakey, who was a British paleoanthropologist, who discovered the first fossilised proconsul skull, an extinct ape, which is now believed to be anscestral to humans. She also discovered the robust zinjanthropus skull at olduvai gorge in Tanzania, eastern Africa                                                  The science and truth human history, irrefutably established in quite a profoundly didactic manner, that the origin of all of humanity, regardless of race, came from the black womans womb in Africa.Dr. John Henric Clarke instructs that it is impossible, if the story is true, that Christ could not have been of caucasian race, the doctor further instructs, that the people that we refer to as Jews(Hebrews), were never related to the biblical images. The bible was a carbon copy , of a carbon of Egyptian text, and history, along with the bible, were compromised and colonized, in order to conquer,pillage and control, and was written by the said insidious elements, who the authors of the bible. Certainly, this creates a moment for critical pause, atoning to who we are as a species and our direction, destination, function and purpose. The efforts we install into these endeavors, are going to be invaluably critical, as it pertains to our extinction, or our subsequent survival, success, flourishment and ultimate salvation, remember, every other race is mutation of the black gene what I am asking is not insurmountable, let us be sensible and respect each other, we may discover that we really have a lot love for each other.(HARK. LOVE. RESPECT.)

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