In human organized life many moons ago, towards the twilight of human civilization, there was a brief era, when love flourished, kindness proliferated, respect permeated, and integrity dominated.But in the current era, it is profoundly antithetical to the global social, political, cultural, and philosophical order, in which the grossly delinquent state of affairs, is critically entrenched, and is the established status quo.   The human spirit suffers constantly, in perpetual deficits, devoid of critical function, in a traversed momentum, through a profound matrix sphere.                                                                                                                      Mr. Trump is not necessarily a racist,a narcissist or imbecility inclined. He is just a virus, sent to us as a symptom of the pathological elements, that are insidiously frolicking in our midst. It is however, seemingly worse than Ebola, and a critical synthesis of AIDS.                                                                                              Upon deleting a number of the most deadliest characteristic elements in our system, such as the ego, emotionalism, and a critical propensity of intellectual ineptitude, our pursuits should traverse along the lines of; troubleshooting, critical analysis, and solution hunting, in order to produce some semblance of a chance to survive and succeed, as a species. (HARK. LOVE. RESPECT.)

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