William Barr/Mr. Fred Flintstone/U.S. Attorney General/The Classic Upstart

It would literally take profound integrity and fortitude,for someone to acknowledge,respect,and applaud,the telling or revealing of the truth,no matter how bad it is.As long as such truth is delivered in a manner that’s proper and respectful.But very few humans carry such quality genes,in our make up.                         Mr. Barr conducted himself characteristic of a person,who is insidiously obtuse,subtly malicious, and profoundly lacking in fortitude and decency,but then again,may be my lack of understanding,with regards to what is fashionable and trending,in the Trump era,and the disproportionality,with which my awareness has credibility,and is somewhat flawed,I humbly submit.                                                                                 There’s no system or structure,created and put into motion that was perfect initially.But improvements always come some time down the road.But the American government,and many of it’s structures and institutions,are so profoundly flawed,that it’s inconceivable to think that such simple and easy to correct flaws,exist in this period of our existence.Apparently,congress holds the purse strings of the government,and saddled with the critical task of oversight of the said government,but only enough so as to cause;harmful filibustering,and crippling debacle,with the essential running of the government.Why not give congress a lot more power to be able to,independently;summon,try,sanction,and otherwise discipline anyone,who is an official,from the president,to any individual who works in government.No individual should have the power to cripple,delay,disrupt,or otherwise cause harm to the running of governing,or the process of justice.The reason that congress should be given that power,is because it’s a group of people,and they were already given “financial control,and the oversight”.It’s very difficult to corrupt a whole body,with so many people,if the congress sees it fit to include the senate,in any of it’s processes,that would be fine too.                     PS.Please,let us pray and profoundly praise,a genuine hero;Mr. Riley Howell,who give his life in a gallant effort,to save others at the university of North Carolina,Charlotte Campus.(HARK.LOVE.RESPECT.)

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