As a radical philosopher, almost everything in our world, is viewed from a critically different prism. It brought me so much hardship, that I tried to modify somewhat into the milder areas of opinion, but the holy ghost slapped me upside the head,many many moons ago saying, “be yourself, oh coward one.” In a profound dematrixed fashion, so I became thankful for that admonishing epiphany.                                        I do not agree with established definition of racism, but it is not a big deal, I can drive around it quite easily. To tell someone that they are bad to hate another person, is quite ridiculous, it is like saying they have no inner rights of taught, emotion, sensation, fantasy or the like, in fact that is tantamount to dictating to me, about my religion, it is preposterous scrotum.                                                                                 People are fanatically affixed in trying to find out if Mr.Trump is a racist, who the hell cares, when you are engaged in sensible and critical taught? that is his personal right,as a human being. What we should care about is how he conducts himself during his prestigious tenure, and what kind of a specimen, we are to be proud of, in the white house, whether it is three fifths of a human being, or reptilian in nature, based on the historic American social engineering structures that are still profoundly relevant today.

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